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M & S LAW OFFICE 2006 - The International law firm in Thailand

M & S Law Office 2006 provides Legal Services throughout Thailand including the key business cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiangmai and Phuket. Our legal services are delivered by our highly-qualified Thai and Foreign lawyers who are divided into teams according to their area of practice. Each team consists of experts and new lawyers who collaborate to give you both expert and novel approaches to your case. Our areas of specialisation include Civil and Criminal Litigation, Corporate Law, Family Law, Property Law and Intellectual Property Law.

M & S Law Office 2006 is also geared up for the integration of the regional economies of South East Asia in 2015. Top lawyers will be required to facilitate investors, employers, employees and others who can benefit from the AEC. The changes that this will bring about in order for them to benefit from the opportunities to the maximum effect and without issues or problems, will need expertise and top quality advice.

In order to support this, our Bangkok law firm provides various services including company registration, partnership, setting up a representative office, the implications of the US Treaty of Amity, Branch Offices and Regional Offices, Mergers and Acquisitions, setting up a company according to the Foreign Business Act, with or without BOI (if applicable) and so on.

M & S Law Office 2006 is there to support you whatever your needs are - be they in Thailand, the AEC or worldwide.


Legal Services


We undertake legal work relating to ANY issue or problem and our team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers are always prepared to give great value for money. Our fees are reasonable but you will appreciate that it is impossible to set a fee without knowing the scope of the work involved. We offer a free appraisal of what is required and we will then be able to put a cost to the work involved.

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" Making contact is easy and we are happy to make life as easy for you as possible. "


The Lastest Law Update

What do you know about the laws of Copyright?

Author: M & S Law Office 2006
Issued Date : 27-October-2013

First of all, you should know that any creations are deemed copyright works automatically even though they are not registered but you need to be able to present evidence to prove the creation. However, news, laws or regulations are not copyright works. There are two words that you should know “Ownership” and “Copyright”. “Ownership” is the right to possess and to own the work that you purchased. “Copyright” is the exclusive right to do any acts with respect to the work created by the author’s intelligence, knowledge, capability and diligence without copying anyone’s work. The author who created works meeting the criteria under...

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